Saturday, July 9, 2011


Saturday, July 9, 2011 SMILE, CAN THE WORLD SMILE BACK OPERATION SMILE Take a close look, I happened on to this site and information about a year ago. I was very taken on how these people were born with such birth defects. Most of them are from foreign countries that are very poor and don’t have the know how to correct these defects. I’ve learned that many of our doctors from the United States, take out two weeks of their personal time to go and help these less fortunate families and their children. They do this without pay, giving is a very beautiful thing more of us should have a giving heart for people. The word says; Love covers a multitude of sin. My desire is to lend a helping hand to these hurting families. I’m trusting and believing for God’s grace and financial blessing. When they come and they will come because I have faith, this is one of my main projects to send support. I want to be able to get them some medical supplies to be able to treat more and do it efficiently. I hope that you see a vision to help as well. There are many people worldwide that truly need us. Just look at our water situation, it may not be as bad in your part of the world, but just look at some parts of Africa, BeAfra okay probably not spelling it right but these are just two places where the water they have to drink is not fit for a dog. Take a look at your life, open your heart to give. Whatever you are able to do and it does not have to be now, but consider giving. It is better to give, than receive. Okay, you say how then I can explain to the best of my ability. When you are willing to give and help others, those doors that may have been closed to you will open. When you learn how to open your hand and give freely, because your hand is open you also can receive.